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Life All Day With Me!

Photo by Rheza Aulia on Pexels.com

Hello and welcome to lifeallday. Since you have found me I believe introductions are in order. My proper name is Azrael, but for banking and legal purposes, I go by my government name, Andrea. It’s a dead name, but whatever I guess. I am here to write for you. My mission is to elevate your well-being, level of awareness, and overall quality of life quality of life by providing valuable, informative content for you to enjoy. I write as if I am speaking. I am talking directly to you. I want you to talk back so I can understand your point of view and what you want and need. Go to my About page to find out more about me, my vision, and my life. I’m an open book for you.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

My vision is of a bustling, cheerful community growing forever around lifeallday and the blogs I have. lifeallday.com is for my light, conversational lifestyle blog. Sometimes funny and definitely sassy, this blog is maintained with the directive to bring in my beloved audience. Precious readers. So comment. A lot. I will comment back, I promise. And you can email me any time with questions and comments. Engage; and let’s build something beautiful!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

I love guests posts. If you have any inkling to write a post for Life All Day, let me know via email; send one writing sample along with your request and if I can, I will post your stuff. I take contributions for the newsletter too. Just use my email to send me yours and I will get it into one edition. At Life All Day I post at least once per week, but there are busier periods too. Make sure to get involved with my giveaways. They’re super cool and you never know-you could win! Email me any time to have your questions answered or just to talk.

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